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VSAT Field Engineering

This Course offers both theoretical and practical skills transfer as applicable to SCPC,TDM,TDMA,FTDMS etc, for VSAT field engineers, support engineers and operational managers.

This course is designed for people who:

1. Want to know more about satellites. Any one that wants to understand the basics of satellite communication.
2. Want to install VSAT systems. Engineers and installers needing practical experience on installing and commissioning VSAT equipment.
3. Need to gain knowledge of the satellite industry. These are decision makers and buyers.

The course will cover the following areas:

1. Why we use Satellites. Reasons why satellite is used opposed to fiber, cable or microwave.
2. How does Satellites work? Detailed explanation of a satellite from design to operational.
3. VSAT Network Design. Components that make up a VSAT network.
4. Link Budget. Explanation of why we need link budgets and how to understand a link budget
5. VSAT Services. Discuss the different types of services and the benefits of the types of services.
6. Practical Theory. Understand the process from applying to commissioning of a VSAT site
7. Demonstration of a dish built and alignment
8. Practical by Students Find attached Detailed course outline & schedule

Are Telecommunication Professionals backed up by over 15 years experience in Installation and configuration of VSAT remote installations , Microwave links, BGANs, RFT installations,
RF measurements, cisco IP routing and switching.
Having Project Managed Numerous Installations Including China Central TV Station African (Nairobi) uplink/downlink to W3A-2011
VISA Card migration from British telecom to Orange Business France-2011 Deployment and integration of KCB RFT at their HQ on Gilat Sky Edge platform-2011
Installation of SITA Tanzania earth station-2011 Installation of Norwegian Embassy communication backhaul:2010


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Westlands Commercial Centre
Nairobi - Kenya

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