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G.I.S Mobile Mapping using ODK course
Aug 6 – Aug 11 all-day


Dates: 19TH – 21ST  September 2016

Course Duration: 5 Days

Tour: 1 Day

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Cost: USD 950


This five-day workshop is aimed at providing a complete field to office mobile mapping workflow to the participants.

The participants will be introduced to GPS technology, field and office software (ODK) for mapping.

Participants will use ArcGIS desktop to prepare datasets for data capture or updating in the field, the course is designed for users who are interested in deploying mapping G.I.S solutions at both small and large scale levels.

The workshop will be delivered through presentations, field and office practical exercises and lesson reviews.

Esri ArcGIS desktop and field application will be used in this course, and participants will work with databases ie update existing databases in the field and creating new data using field data collection techniques..


After successfully completing this course, participants will have acquired an understanding of mobile mapping skills.

These new skills include:

  • GPS technology
  • Creating new databases in desktop GIS
  • Updating existing databases
  • Checking out data for editing in the field
  • Customizing data collection tools
  • Processing GPS data.


Humanitarian Practitioners and Policy-Makers

Field and Data Officers, WASH Managers/ M&E / Information Managers/ Disaster Managers, Security Experts, Logisticians


GIS Officers,


Database Officers


Completion of a Fundamentals of GIS is encouraged prior to taking part in this course

GIS Web Mapping Course
Aug 6 – Aug 10 all-day


Dates: 6- 11 August 2018

Training Duration: 5 Days

City and National Park Tour: 1 Day

Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Cost: USD 950


Web has changed every aspect of our life from our daily activities to our professional activities. Among these changes, GIS has been affected by the evolving web technology leading to Web or Internet GIS.
Today, majority of Internet users are using the web technology whether from desktop or mobile devices e.g. to finding hotels and addresses in an unfamiliar city using online web maps, to locate your location using
your phone GPS system or finding your path.
Web mapping is the process of using maps delivered by geographical information systems (GIS) on the internet through client- server architecture.
Web mapping usually involves a web browser to consume services. These services include serving interactive
maps, GIS data and location based services.
Participants will learn how prepare and share geographic information so that it can effectively be used by colleagues, decision-makers, and non-GIS audiences.
This course will focus on Web Mapping Technology, its architecture, application and tools.
The goal of this training course is to introduce users to the concept of  web mapping.

The expected participants are GIS professionals, cartographers or other
technical personnel who have background in computer applications
and the internet.

Advanced Executive Office Administration and Secretarial Skills Programme @ Nairobi Kenya
Sep 24 – Sep 29 all-day

This highly interactive course is designed to empower PA’s/ OfficeAdmins/Secretaries who are looking for ways to enhance their performance, broaden their role and develop the Managerial aspects of their position.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Creating opportunities for your personal development and accepting the challenges when they arise
  • Managing yourself, your subordinates and your boss more effectively
  • Developing the managerial aspects of your role
  • Improving your confidence, assertiveness and communication skills
  • Developing key tools to become more effective and productive in your role
  • Managing the stress and pressure in an increasingly challenging environment
  • Networking with your peers from across industry and benefiting from group feedback, Find Attached Detailed Course Outline , Daily Schedule& Registration form.

Who Needs to Attend:

  • Personal Assistants • Office Administration Unit Team • Front Office Unit Team • Secretaries • Administrative officers & Assistants • Customer Service Unit Team
  • HR administrators • Executive Assistants who wish to be more proactive, grow in their position and take on more

management responsibility ; It is also for those who need to gain better insights into the  organizations aspects of being effective, valuable, resourceful and always focused.

The registration fee per participant for this course is US$ 900 and includes :

The Course Materials, CDs, administrative costs,  meals and refreshments during the  course. Certificates will be  issued on successful completion of the course.

This workshop will be conducted in both plenary and group session with participants taking hands-on activities.

Electronic Document and Records Management (Fundamentals) @ Nairobi Kenya
Oct 1 – Oct 5 all-day

EDRM Fundamentals Training Workshop : 1- 5 October 2018  Nairobi, Kenya.

This Course will Answer the Following:

  • Should records be stored on paper,  in a microform or in an electronic format?
  • How is a Records Inventory conducted?
  • What are the steps in the development of an Organizations Records Retention Schedule?
  • How are records archived?

This course will assist participants in making those decisions, based upon certain characteristics of the records.

The workshop is  aimed at bringing Information & Records Professionals & all stake holders up to speed with this powerful process.

What to Expect

  • Theoretical and Practical understanding of the key concepts of Electronic Records Management,
  • Overview of Records Management terminology, concepts and procedures to successfully manage Records in today’s offices.

The Electronics Management Course will cover the Following Key Modules

Establishing A Records Management Program – Policies & Procedures

Information Life-Cycle Management

File /Record Tracking

Records Survey ,Mail Management

Management Of The Registry ,Records Appraisal & Retention Scheduling

Retention Scheduling, Records Centre Operation

Digital Archiving And Curation

Safety And Security Of Electronic Records

Creating E-Records File Structure

Email Management, Taxonomy

Metadata Development & Use

Records Management Technologies

We look forward to be of service to you should you need more information and to register for this event.

The registration fee for this course US$ 900 and includes the Course handbook, administrative costs, Certificate issued on successful completion, meals and refreshments during the course and a safari tour of Nairobi National Park.

We have a range of good accommodation that we refer to our guests ranging from USD 60.

*Due to the practical nature of the courses, we have limited spaces available and they will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

This workshop will be conducted in both plenary and group session with participants taking hands-on activities.

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