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Cyber Security and Network Protection Lab Course

Cyber Security and Network Protection Lab Course

This Course Is Targeted Towards Information Technology (IT) Professionals Who Have Networking And Administrative Skills In Windows-Based TCP/IP Networks.

Familiarity with Other Operating Systems, Such As Netware, Macintosh, UNIX/Linux, And OS/2, will be an added advantage but not a prerequisite.

After Taking This Course, Participants Will Understand The Field Of Information Networks & Cyber Security And How It Relates To Other Areas Of Information & Communications Technology. This Course Also Provides The Broad-Based Knowledge Necessary To Prepare For Further Study In Specialized Security Fields, and Serve As A Capstone Course That Gives A General & In-depth Introduction To The Field.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:
• Identify Security Threats.
• Harden Internal Systems and Services.
• Harden Internetwork Devices and Services.
• Secure Network Communications.
• Enforce An Organizational Security Policy.
• Monitor The Security Infrastructure.

Key Topics & Labs to be covered:
• Foot printing and Reconnaissance & Scanning Networks
• Enumeration & System Hacking
• Trojans , Backdoors & Viruses and Worms
• Sniffers & Social Engineering
• Denial of Service & Session Hijacking
• Hacking Webservers & Denial of Service
• Session Hijacking & Evading IDS and Firewalls
• Penetration Testing


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