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Fraud Prevention,


Audience: Finance Managers, Country/Programme Directors and Managers, Auditors, Anti-Fraud Managers, Risk Management Officers, Compliance Officers, Procurement, Stock Verifiers.

Fraud Awareness, Prevention, Detection And Investigations Course.

Fraud is a cancer that leads to closure of businesses when left unchecked hence the Anti-Fraud Training we offer is an eye opener so that one is able to notice the ugly characteristics of fraud and take action to investigate & control it. Why reside with an ‘enemy within’ that may not only drive your business out of operation but also pose a life threatening risk to you? Fraud at advanced stage literally kills those who try to stop or investigate it. Why wait up to that stage?

Those who will attend this training will never be the same again. They will be sharpened to detect fraud at a very early stage and arrest it before it causes disastrous damage to your organization

What will participants learn?

Introduction to Fraud and Corruption, Indicators/Red Flags of Fraud.

Asset Misappropriation, Financial Statement Fraud and Fraudulent Financial Reporting

Professional interviewing techniques/skills, Data Analysis

Public Procurement and Contract Fraud, Internal controls

Risk Assessment and Management, Fraud Examination Theory, The law related to Fraud

Report Writing Standards, Investigation/ Forensic Report,

Expert witnessing , Developing a Fraud Audit Program

Our Facilitator

The training workshop will be facilitated by Mr. Sos changa who holds various Certifications by various associations e.g. Forensic Certified Public Accountant ( FCPA) by Forensic CPA Society, USA, Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) by Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, USA. His credentials are backed up by over twenty (22) years experience as a lead Forensic Auditor and as a facilitator in training executives on fraud prevention and detection techniques, fraud investigation methodology and techniques at over 30 high profile workshops & conferences in Kenya, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe. He has also participated in Corporate Fraud Risk Assessment and corporate fraud investigation assignments.

Who should attend?

Board Members, Financial & General Managers, Internal Auditors, Audit committee members, Investigators,

Risk Management units, Compliance Officers, Procurement, Stock Verifiers, Anti-Fraud Dept, Security Management.


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