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Information Asset Protection


Information, a valuable resource, just as much as capital infrastructure and people is processed, summarized, and analyzed before being used by managers to make strategic decisions concerning an organization.

One of the major challenges facing today’s Information Professionals is the problem of preserving and protecting data and information assets.

While this challenge is not new, modern methods and technologies for handling data are matched by a multitude of threats, ranging from traditional, e.g. natural disasters, to technology glitches and procedural failures and many more.

In seeking to safeguard Information Assets, a number of challenges emerge, New technologies offer great opportunities for collaboration and sharing of data and information, but can also pose a danger as well.

Some of these ‘new’ technologies, their integration, application and use by Information Professionals on a day-to-day basis still present a considerable challenge, and need to be counterbalanced by appropriate measures. Also of great concern is how to ensure that information and data assets do no end up in the wrong hands or with your competitors. How do you monitor information and data usage within your organization?

This Course provides a welcome opportunity to assess the range of “new” concern issues facing Information Professionals in Preserving and Protecting Information Assets & how to deal with these concerns.

Topics to be covered include:.

Ø  Information Asset Protection Policy

Ø  IAP Policy Implementation and Recommended Practices

Ø  Technical Security Controls, The Wireless Environment

Ø  Legal Protections, Agreements Protecting Information

Ø  Protecting Information in Special Environments

Ø  Outsourcing to Providers

Ø  Cell Phones, PC’s, Laptops, and PDA’s.

Who should attend?

Chief Information Officers (CIO’S) Records Managers, Archivists, Information Managers, Compliance Managers, IT Personnel, Freedom Of Information Managers, Knowledge Managers, Content Managers, E-Business Strategists, Business Managers, Project Managers, Consultants, Business Process Analysts.

The workshop will be conducted in both plenary and group session with participants taking hands-on activities.


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