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Fiber To The X (FTTx) Technical Training @ Nairobi
Mar 23 – Mar 27 all-day


The explosion of information traffic owing to the internet, electronic commerce, computer networks, multimedia, voice, data, and video has led to demand for a transmission medium with the bandwidth capabilities for handling such vast amounts of information. Fiber optics, with its high bandwidth capabilities and low attenuation characteristics has proven to be the solution. It’s from this background that Telco companies, cities, utilities and commercial service providers utilizing Fiber Optics have realized that the ultimate choice for upgrading the subscriber connection and possibility of delivering new services (Triple-Play) is fiber to the premises, home, Wireless (FTTP, FTTH, FTTW).
Who Should Attend:
> Fiber Optics Project Management teams
> Technical Support Engineers
> Operation and Maintenance Engineers
> Telecom Managers and supervisors involved in Fiber projects

Course Objectives:
From this course program participants shall learn:
> What is FTTx? – Fiber to the “x” – home, premises, curb, wireless etc.
> How FTTx developed and is growing worldwide
> Alternatives to FTTH
> Network Architectures used in FTTx, specifications, advantages/disadvantages
> What is a “triple-play” system and how is it implemented?
> What are FTTx standards? BPON, GPON, EPON, RFOG, etc.
> How to Plan, Design and Install a FTTx project
> How to test FTTx installations, especially PONs


The e-Enhancement Centre
Westlands Commercial Centre
Nairobi - Kenya

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