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Advanced GIS (Managing Geodatabases and Analysis) using QGIS

May 3, 2024 @ 11:00 AM – May 7, 2024 @ 5:00 PM
Nairobi Kenya
USD 950
Steve Njenga
+254 721 749 239

Advanced GIS (Managing Geodatabases & Advanced Spatial Analysis)using QGIS

This course is Intended for users already familiar with the basics of QGIS and who wants to
improve their skills.  The course will focus on Advanced Analysis regarding the management
and manipulation of raster data, spatial analysis, using PostGIS and relational databases. The course
is structured in units with different levels of difficulty to help the student learn to handle the advanced QGIS tools.

(Advanced GIS using ArcGIS is available upon request.)

Period: 5 Days

Course Outline:

Day 1

Spatial Data Preparation

  • Elements of Spatial data
  • Metadata
  • Vector vs Raster data

Spatial data Storage

Methods of data storage

Introduction to geo-databases

Day 2:  


  • Types of geodatabase
  • Data Access from Geodatabase

Data Relationships

  • Joins
  • Intersects

Day 3:

Advanced spatial Analysis

  • Proximity Analysis
  • Overlay Analysis
  • Statistical Analysis

Data Symbology & Classification

  • Layer Styles
  • Data classes

Day 4:

Introduction to raster data

  • Sources of Raster data
  • Raster data analysis
  • Overlay analysis
  • Suitability Analysis

Day 5:

Analyzing spatial relationships

Sharing GIS Solutions

Course Recap

Course Conclusion


In these courses, the trainees will be provided with:

  1. Daily exercises will be done after the training for the day
  2. Power Point presentations for the day
  3. Written guides, where necessary
  4. 12 hrs support (During the day)

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