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Advanced GIS

Advanced GIS

This intensive course provides the foundation for: Building GIS databases and performing analysis.

Participants learn how to create GIS databases and manage their data in a GIS databases. In addition, they learn the general guidelines of performing all types of analysis. The course offers an understanding of the types of analysis that can be performed in ArcGIS desktop environment or open source software, the kind of questions that each type answers and the tools used to perform each type. The course is delivered through presentations, practical exercises and lesson reviews.

This programme is designed to help you use GIS to solve spatial related problems and challenges, from disaster analysis, development and policy planning.

Course Goals:
After successfully completing this course, the participant will have acquired an understanding of both Esri and open source geodatabase format and performing spatial analysis.

These new skills include:
 Building GIS databases
 Managing spatial and non-spatial datasets in a geodatabase
 An in-depth understanding of ArcGIS and QGIS analysis workflow and its application in answering specific analysis questions
 Building geoprocessing models to automate the analysis process
 Sharing geoprocessing results


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