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Web Mapping

Web Mapping

Web mapping is the process of using maps delivered by geographical information systems (GIS) on the internet through client- server architecture.
Web mapping usually involves a web browser to consume services.

These services include serving interactive maps, GIS data and location based services.
Participants will learn how to prepare and share geographic information so that it can effectively be used by colleagues, decision-makers, and non-GIS audiences.
The course will focus on:
– Web Mapping Technology,
– Its architecture, application and tools.

The goal of this training course is to introduce users to the concept of web mapping.

The expected participants are Information Management and GIS professionals, cartographers or other technical personnel who have background in computer applications and the internet.

Software/Applications to be used
 Text editor / Notepad++
 Qgis v 2.8+
 Postgres
 Tomcat
 Geoserver
 ArcGIS (Desktop& Server where applicable)


The e-Enhancement Centre
Westlands Commercial Centre
Nairobi - Kenya

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