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Fraud Awareness, Prevention, Detection, Analysis

Fraud Awareness, Prevention, Detection, Analysis

This Anti-Fraud Training is an eye opener, So That One Is Able To Notice The Ugly Characteristics Of Fraud And Take Action To Investigate & Control It.

Participants will learn the following:
• Introduction to Fraud and Corruption, Indicators/Red Flags of Fraud.
• Asset Misappropriation, Financial Statement Fraud and Fraudulent Financial Reporting
• Professional interviewing techniques/skills, Data Analysis
• Public Procurement and Contract Fraud, Internal controls
• Risk Assessment and Management, Fraud Examination Theory, The law related to Fraud
• Report Writing Standards, Investigation/ Forensic Report,
• Expert witnessing , Developing a Fraud Audit Program

Course Content:
• Introduction to Risk & Fraud Red flags/Warning signs
• Risks and Risk Management
• Professional ethics & Code of Conduct
• IIA International Standards
• Internal Control Basics
• Asset Misappropriations
• Procurement & Contract fraud
• Moving from Detection to Fraud Prevention: The fraud prevention Strategies
• Fraud Examination Theory
• Financial Statements Fraud
• The Seven Fraud Deterrence Processes
• Professional Interviewing
• Professional Interviewing-2
• Law of Evidence
• Auditor’s fraud tool kit: CAATs
• Data mining and digital forensics
• The Law Related to Fraud, The Legal System
• Developing a fraud audit program
• Fraud Investigations steps and Methodology
• Forensic Report Writing Standards
• Expert Witnessing
• Forensic Test to reinforce understanding
• Discussion of the forensic test questions


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