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VSAT Field Engineering Training

VSAT Field Engineering Training

This Course will offer both theoretical and practical skills transfer as applicable to SCPC, TDM, TDMA, FTDMS.
This course covers the following areas:
• Introduction to Satellite Communications
• Introduction to Vsat
• Practical demonstration of components of the assembly: Block UP Converters (BUC), Low Noise Blocker (LNB), Feed horn, OMT (Orthomode Transducer)
• VSAT Access Methods
• Types of VSAT Systems
• Practical: Type of Modems and their uses. Different kind of VSAT modems & perform modem configuration
• Fundamentals of VSAT Systems
• VSAT Installation Concepts
• Site Survey
• Tools and equipment used when pointing at the Site
• Practical:

  • Antenna assembly.
  • Antenna Pointing using Satellite modem.
  • Antenna pointing using a Spectrum analyzer
  • Antenna pointing using a Field Strength Meter (FSM).
  • Checking site receive levels: EbNo, BER, SNR


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Nairobi - Kenya

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